I'm born, raised, and primarily spending my days in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. Though sometimes I find myself in Austin, Texas, where I met my other half.
I originally fell in love with photography from a high school film camera class, and I got my first camera shortly after. through some luck, I moved into managing the media team for AMS Events at the University of British Columbia and was able to built my brand and connections through there. I couldn't be more grateful for getting paid to do what I love, and being able to expand my creative visions into new applications is incredibly rewarding.
environmentalism is a huge part of my life, guiding me to pursue a degree in urban forestry, reducing my impact, and generally appreciate nature wherever I go. I love the outdoors and being the girl who comments on nearly every tree I walk by. my love for all things green influences my art immensely,  as I'm sure you noticed!
lastly, I support love and equality throughout all gender and sexual identities. being a part of the lgbtq+ community, I stand proud against any intolerance, and will only work with those who share those values with me. injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.
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